Design Process

SDG is an Award-Winning Full-Service Interior Design Studio. We strive to create stunning and functional spaces while streamlining the process to be as efficient as possible. Our goal is to maintain clear and thorough communication, expertly attend to each and every detail, and leverage the entire team’s skills in addition to providing access to coveted industry resources.

For every full-service design client, we strive not only to create a stunning and functional space but also to make the process as efficient as possible, by maintaining clear and thorough communication, capably attending to each and every detail, and by leveraging the entire team’s skill, expertise, and access to industry resources.

Each project progresses through five phases:

Information Gathering

During our first meeting, we work with you to determine the scope of your project and to establish an appropriate budget and timeline. Next, we document the space with photographs and field measurements.

Design Development

From the field measurements and photographs, we draw floor plans and elevations: essential tools that will allow us to visually describe the design concept for you and for our tradespeople. This is also the point at which the design concept itself emerges, as we make preliminary selections for color and pattern schemes, furniture layouts, fixtures, finishes, etc. We share pertinent information about the design concept with trusted tradespeople and hear any recommendations for enhancements or revisions they have, based on their specialized knowledge.

Design Presentation

In this meeting, we unveil the design concept for your home in an interactive presentation. Any feedback, additions, approvals, or amendments are documented. From that feedback, we make any needed revisions and submit them for your final approval.

Procurement and Project Management

After you have approved the design concept, SDG will place orders for furnishings and other design materials. A detailed timeline for the project is then established, and the project is officially underway. Our skilled team members monitor the progress of tradespeople who are at work on-site, track orders and inspect deliveries, and conduct project meetings and site visits to ensure everything is progressing as expected.

Installation and Reveal

When all construction work is complete and furnishings have been received, our team delivers and styles all of the elements and brings your design to life! At a follow-up meeting, we present you with project documents and conduct a closing survey. Your feedback about your design experience is invaluable to us.