2022 Design Trends That May Disappear in 2023

Looking back at the design trends over the past few years, it’s evident that certain elements will never go out of style. While some are ever-changing, it’s necessary to identify what our clients should plan for and invest in as the new evolution of homes and interiors emerge. Continue reading below to see our predictions for 2023 and what 2022 trends may disappear in the New Year!

1. So Long Traditional Floorplans

We’ve seen a significant shift in a home’s layout. Open floorplans have become a staple in most modern-day homes, allowing guests to mingle between spaces easily, which is why they will likely stick around for the foreseeable future. Not only are open floorplans practical, but they allow family members and friends to enjoy life together. You can easily create additional privacy by incorporating furniture pieces, dividers, or designated quiet nooks to relax and unwind.

2.  Not So Neutral Monochromatic Color Schemes

Monochromatic spaces were a massive hit in 2022, specifically with soothingly neutral colors like whites, beiges, browns, and greys. The all-white kitchen was and is a staple in most homes. However, in 2023, we will most likely see a dip in neutrals, shifting to moodier, more energetic, and more vibrant spaces, allowing homeowners to express their personalities through different patterns and textures.

3. Less Minimalism

When it comes to holistic design, less is more. But does that make a space feel dull and cold? Like the design trends mentioned above, minimalistic design has been a favorite throughout 2022. In 2023, it’s predicted that many homeowners will shift away from minimalism by adding more depth and dimension to their design style with artwork, greenery/florals, mementos, different textures, colors, and more.

4. Shy Away from Matte Black Hardware

Matte blacks will always be a timeless hardware piece. Still, we may see fewer blacks and more classic metallic hardware styles like bronze and stainless steel that are much easier to clean and still give off a beautiful, timeless contrast to any space.

5. No More Un-sustainable Spaces

If you are familiar with Schlosser Design Group, then you know that we love a beautifully functional, designed space with layers of sustainable elements. Un-sustainable design trends are fading while functional and sustainable design continues to rise. Many homeowners are shifting towards more eco-friendly options, such as recycled products, re-purposed furniture, energy-saving alternatives, and optimal storage, increasing the overall functionality and well-being of everyone in the home.

We hope you’ve found our forecast for 2023’s design trends insightful. Whether you follow new trends or not, a home, you love and feel comfortable in will always be in style.