Appropriate Flooring Selections for Your Home

For any size home, it can be challenging to elevate an interior with the appropriate furnishings, accents, and overall design elements that feel like they fulfill and support the space without overdoing it. A great place to start are your floors, as they can serve as a base for building and working your way up when selecting other pieces. What you do with your floors can create a significant impact, and that is why we’re breaking things down so you can consider the best flooring selections for your home. We’re outlining three appropriate flooring guides to help you complete a cohesive design for your interiors.

1. Wood Entryway Vs. Tile Entryway

It’s ideal to have your home be impressionable from the moment someone walks in the door. The entryway is the first thing a fresh set of eyes land on, and though it might be a smaller space, it is certainly mighty. The entryway is what sets the tone for the rest of your interior. Flooring takes up much of the entryway, so you may feel pressured on selecting the best option for your home. Do you go with wood or tile? While both have their benefits, it’s important to consider what will fit your unique style, budget, and durability.

Wood is a favorite by many and adds a classic yet warm touch. It’s the choice you go for when you want versatility that can make a home either grand or cozy. With wood flooring you can opt for many types of materials including a classic oak hardwood, maple, or cherry. The finish you would like is something to consider as well. However, wood can be costly and will weather from the effects of foot traffic. Tile floor coverings are much more versatile and allow you to get creative. They can also take a little more of the brunt of an entryway, especially in busy households. You can create a unique, functional, and captivating aesthetic right at the door with different shapes, sizes, and colors of tile!

There are many more options to consider outside of wood or tile, not only for your entryway but also for the rest of your home. Carpet, vinyl, laminate, and stone are some other alternative materials to think about, as well as their varying price points. Vinyl and laminate are more cost-effective and are becoming vastly more popular choices. Stone and quality hardwood are on the other side of the spectrum and bring a taste of luxury that can tie in with the rest of the aesthetic in an interior.

2. Area Rugs and Floor Coverings

Area rugs are the perfect addition to bring style and comfort, no matter what floor covering you choose. You’ll find floor coverings in larger spaces like the living room or a bedroom. You can utilize area rugs as a style piece that can bring a pop of flavor or a functional piece to help ground the space in a particular room.

Before purchasing an area rug, some things to consider are material, pattern versus solid colors, and sizing. Wool brings durability and comfort and is a popular selection for rugs. Synthetic materials, like Nylon, are budget friendly alternatives. While, Jute allows for little maintenance, meaning this is a great option if you have any pets or children. If you’re deciding between color or pattern, an intricately woven material like sisal creates a weave like visual and is a great medium between the two. With numerous colors, sizes, and pattern styles, you can also use area rugs as a luxurious layer to your overall design.

3. Ideas for Runners

Like area rugs, floor runners bring that comfortable carpet feel without overtaking an entire area. Found near narrow spaces, runners are ideal for tying in design elements in unlikely places. Whether it’s in the kitchen, hallway, or on the stairs, a good eye will be able to seamlessly place a runner in its proper home without disrupting the overall aesthetic. If you’re looking for an easy yet impactful way to change up a space, a runner might just be your solution.

With this outline in mind, you’ll be able to start planning and move on to additional interior selections for your home. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new to elevate your space. You can opt for an intricate tile design, or if you’d rather have a luxurious and quality finish, hardwood flooring with an extravagant stair runner will support your exclusive lifestyle. No matter your selection, we hope you’re your SDG-inspired creation is a timeless masterpiece that supports and enhances the environment of your life.