Quality Furniture vs. Price

A house without the right furnishings can feel underwhelming. Bringing in the right furniture that molds to your distinct taste will instantly elevate your interiors’ overall feel and aesthetic. It can be difficult when making selections, especially if you’re unsure how to look for quality furniture that fits your budget. We’re here to give you three pointers on how to select furnishings that will last and work within your investment.

1. Quality Comes With a Cost.

The cost of furnishings can add up to a pretty penny. When it comes to an interior, furnishing selections are a huge element to the overall design of a space. The fabric, upholstery, and materials used all help determine the quality of the piece. Most furniture pieces also come in sets which is something to keep in mind. When making selections, quality and durability is key. If you want a piece that will last while adding to a timeless design in your space, consider that this will cost you a bit more upfront but will be made to last you for years to come.

2. Prioritize Your Spatial Needs.

During your search, you may come across the most beautiful dining table only to realize that it doesn’t fit in your unique floor plan, or you may find a custom piece that you’re dying to place in your home – only for it to feel out of place among the rest of your interior. Thinking about space planning will help you become realistic about your selections. For example, formal areas may be used less, so you can choose a large, mirrored cocktail table that differs from a family room where you prioritize space and comfort. You would then need to select the appropriate furnishings to accommodate the function of that space separately. Consider the big picture and day-to-day interactions within your environment while planning for the functionality of your furnishings.

3. Get Creative.

One of the most incredible things about a custom home is making unique selections to personalize your environment to your needs. You can also achieve a complete and tailored finish by sourcing materials that are out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your selections. Opt for a bold color or a rare shape – you can even balance elements with the rest of your interiors that complement each other. The most beautiful interiors are created when people can step out of the box and beyond their perceived comfort zone.

We hope these recommendations help guide you as you embark into the furnishing world with some new considerations and inspiration. With years of experience in holistic design, we know what it means to meet the needs of our clients through our design work and especially with sourcing quality pieces for their homes. Visit our previous projects to gain some insight on what we do here at SDG and don’t hesitate to schedule a call if you or someone you know are looking to optimize your home with quality furnishings that fit your lifestyle and budget.