Paint and Paint Finishes – Here are Some of Our Go-To Paint Colors & Finishes

We all know how much your style is affected by your personality. Paint colors and finishes make a big difference in a home. Everyone is different, but what we may not think of is how paint colors can affect your mood. Our lives seemed more stressful for so long as 2020 dragged on, and now is the time to unwind at home with a design choice that makes you happy.

A bright yellow that you may have questioned before 100% completely acceptable and welcomed as a happy color to have in your home. Bright green can make you feel calm and relaxed, but a faded blue might make you feel energized. Room colors can help relieve stress, boost creativity, lower your blood pressure, and so much more!

Paint is More Functional than You Think

Wondering how to think of paint colors as a functional addition? One thing to keep in mind, other than your favorite colors, is what shades compliment you. As you would pick your outfits based on your hair and skin tone, the same can be said for paint colors in your home. You spend time in most of your rooms, you take photos with family and friends. You make memories at home. Ten years down the road, you don’t want to look at your photos and ask what you were thinking.

Choosing the Right Neutrals

More and more people are dropping the cool neutrals. Stark white is out, and different shades of white are used to create a calm and comforting feel. Keep in mind what neutral colors will complement the color you have chosen as the base for the room. The right color not only enhances the visual appeal of a room, but it can also highlight the design to create a living space that is personalized for your family.

Color Blocking with Natural Earthy Tones

If you love a nurturing environment, you may love the thought of well-paired earthy tones. SDG is here to help you achieve a holistic design. What is more holistic than shades like sage, lavender, dusty rose, burnt sienna, and terracotta. This is where you may want to bring in a warm neutral to pair with your bold color and create color blocks.

Bold Moody Colors

The trend of the year is making bold statements, and people are starting with their home design. From bringing black back to olive greens and muddled-jewel tones, we are seeing darker colors that have been considered distasteful in the past. We are seeing entire monochromatic themes with color drenching rooms entirely in darker shades to create a seamless look that is easier on the eye. Give your home a refreshing look and set the tone for your wildest color dreams.

Warming Up the Colors

With 2020 being the start of so many people working from home, we are looking now more than ever to create a warm and inviting space. One way to do so is be more mindful of warmer, velvety shades. Each color has warm shades and cool shades. Traditionally, there were cool colors and warm colors, but we have since evolved. Warmer shades can help make you feel safe and grounded in your sanctuary. SDG’s goal is to improve your quality of life every step of the way. Painting a space dedicated to helping you relax and feel rejuvenated is the first step.

Limewash and Other Textures

Your walls are a blank canvas waiting for a splash of color, but what about texture in 2022? Fully textured walls are harder to paint and may go in and out of style. That doesn’t mean you can’t create the look of texture with limewash and textural paints. This centuries old method is mineral-based, all natural, and environmentally-friendly. It is one of the original house paints from Belgium. Once applied it provides a chalky, nuanced texture that feels like suede. It can add depth and luminosity to any flat wall.

This year is all about balancing between warm, complementing neutrals, and bold, risky colors, with a sprinkling of earthy tones to escalate your home’s color palette.