How SDG Brings Holistic Design to Everyone in Your Home

At SDG, we aspire to create spaces that improve your overall quality of life. We focus our efforts on protecting and nurturing an environment that suits your lifestyle with a balance of spiritual elements and tangible concepts like architecture, layout, and the mechanics of a space. Our holistic designs create a positive impact that relaxes and provides a serene escape for living. Read on to learn how SDG can bring holistic design to everyone in your home.

Holistic design is achieved with the blending of multiple disciplines. When you apply the principles from each domain into a design, you will be left with an environment that feels stimulating and rejuvenating.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Holistic Design

1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design brings natural elements into your space and fills that void in our human yearning to connect with nature. By incorporating natural materials like indoor plants or natural wood finishes into your home, you’ll feel the effects of a consistent interaction with nature, which is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant existence.

You can read more about biophilic design in our blog article here.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Biophilic Design

2. Sustainable Design

If you’ve joined our SDG newsletter, you’ll be familiar with some of the sustainable brands we source our pieces from. When it comes to sustainable design, our goal is to reduce the amount of negative impacts on the environment while improving the health and comfort of our clients, thereby enhancing their home’s efficiency and performance.

Slight modifications to your environment can significantly affect the world around us that supports a physical and emotional comfort in the way you live. We take great care in sourcing and working with brands that are transparent with their process to provide us all with beautiful and sustainable products.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Sustainable Design

3. Universal Design

Universal design is a specialized and tailored form of design for the client’s living experience. This type of design applies to all people, all ages, and all lifestyles. By examining the current human occupancy and interaction of your home, we can tailor the flow and function for the people who live and use each space. We also provide a better understanding of how each dimension involved is connected with the other and how we customize those aspects to work together in a universal cohesive home.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Universal Design

4. Lighting and Color Psychology

Lighting and color applications play a vital role in how we interact with a space. By incorporating lighting and color psychology principles, we can enhance the level of livability within your home. Elements like exposure to natural light boost your vitamin D and alleviate stress during busy workdays. If natural light is something you want more of in your home that will affect the way we treat your windows.

Color psychology involves the art and science of using color. How you perceive color is the theme behind what colors are selected to communicate a specific message and will affect our methods of incorporating them into your space. As humans we can interpret whether we like something in 90 seconds or less. 90% of that decision is based solely on color.

The appropriate type of lighting and color choices for different spaces and functions in your home is another way we optimize environments for an elevated form of living.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Color Psychology

5. Ergonomics

Ergonomics translates into the users’ experience with the application of psychological and physiological principles. These principles serve as guides to allow us to engineer and design spaces that make living more efficient and thus more enjoyable. Furnishings enhance this idea of ergonomics, but the implementation does not stop there. Details like adequate seat heights for parents and kids, user-friendly pull-outs for varying dexterities, and other customizations are the only way to make something genuinely ergonomic.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Ergonomics

Holistic design goes beyond your everyday interiors and incorporates the cohesive systems of your home with the systems that mirror those of our natural world. Optimizing your interiors with well-rounded principles in mind will increase the longevity of not only your home but those that live in it. By engaging with SDG, you can have a home that supports your and your family’s physical and mental wellness.