SDG: Functional Design – Everything Serves a Purpose

Believe it or not, Interior design is more than just designing a beautiful space or home. It’s about creating a functional space to make the most of a room’s potential, both aesthetically and practically. A home should be able to accommodate any age or lifestyle, meaning we should prioritize how each design element will be used to the best of its ability. Let us guide you through the importance of functional design and how everything in your home can serve a significant purpose.

1. Sophisticated Space-Savers

It’s no secret that clutter can make your home look and feel congested, causing unnecessary stress to all parties involved. One of our favorite parts of functional design is utilizing storage in unique ways – resulting in a clutter-free home without taking up space from another room, cabinet, or empty corner. When it’s time for those blankets, games, books, or seasonal decorations to be put away, set them aside in your space savers to keep them dust-free and safe until upcoming use. Reminder: It’s okay to have free space!

2. Open Floor Plans & Surface Space

Notice how each element of this kitchen is placed. The cabinetry is easily accessible, and the appliances are evenly stationed. This free space allows enough flow for all to be in use simultaneously, regardless of whether you’re cooking, mingling, eating, or all the above! Whether you enjoy entertaining or have a hobby that requires daily countertop or table use, a functionally designed floor plan is necessary for the amount of traction the space gets.

3. Organization

Can’t find the one thing you need out of the drawer or cabinet you’ve been neglecting? Not only are these organized drawers aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly functional and will help encourage you to put everything back in its place after use. Organize your home in a way that makes sense for you – by placing frequently used items in conveniently located spaces. For example, we recommend placing the spices near the stove for easy reach when cooking!

4. Multipurpose Items

Triple the use, triple the fun, are we right? This sofa provides durable upholstery, comfortable seating, and storage underneath – a perfect addition to those smaller spaces or multipurpose rooms, especially with little ones or furry friends running around. Functional and beautiful!

Functional design goes beyond what is beautiful, serving more of a purpose than we know. We hope to help you create a stress-free environment, adding to the longevity of your home and those who reside there.