dining room“I have just finished my first design project with Cristie and I have been so relieved at how smoothly the process went…Cristie really took into consideration the aesthetic as well as the functionality that we were looking for and I could not be happier with the outcome. This will certainly not be the last project that we undertake with Cristie. I would highly recommend her services!”
– Jennifer W, Dallas TX
ClassicChicStyleBath_2_detail“Cristie and her team were very helpful in making on-the-spot decisions that come up during the construction phase. My husband and I are thrilled with the results. We thought Cristie’s fees were worth every penny.”
– Kerry S, Dallas TX
"award winning kitchen san antonio", "blue tile kitchen san antonio", "custom backsplash san antonio kitchen", award winning kitchen san antonio", "curved counter kitchen san antonio , Dallas Interior Designer"“Cristie designed my new kitchen and den remodel and helped me with paint, custom cabinets, and furniture for both. She is a great space planner, works hard to stay in your budget, has great ideas, and it is obvious that she really loves design and wants to do a great job for her clients.”
– Susan M, Dallas TX
"Dallas Interior Design Den Arrangement"“Cristie Schlosser has extraordinary spatial visualization which a number of us realtors lack. She has a keen eye not only for design but for the architectural and reconfiguration potential of space.”
– Martha M, Dallas TX
backsplash“Working with Cristie over the last 4 years has been truly wonderful. Her creative talent, exquisite taste and expertise, along with her warmth and professionalism, have made working with Cristie such a joy.”
– Shanan K, Dallas TX
bathroom“Cristie received glowing recommendations from her references – she was described as: reliable, she’ll make things happen, efficient, effective, and great at making the client’s lives easier.” “Cristie doesn’t limit you, she really listens to the client and their own tastes – she can tailor to the client’s style and budget. She doesn’t have just one distinct style within her portfolio.” “SDG embraces design, and all tastes and style.”
– Shari T, Dallas TX

On Elevating Budget Concerns

“Cristie and her team were right there alongside to help facilitate the option of cutting-back and staying on-top of any changes made to the budget. This made me feel like I had control over the budget and could make adjustments at any time I needed to.” “SDG was never pushy – always upfront about everything.”
“Cristie and her team have great ideas and follow-through. They are very genuine and are honest communicators.”
“SDG provides multiple solutions to any problem, so that the final product is ultimately up to you”.
“Cristie is a great advocate, communicator, and always on top of it, no matter what it is. She has great follow-through, and facilitates resolution to any issue.”
“I valued that I could trust her with anything”.
“Cristie is the perfect combination of friendly, accessible, straight-forward, personable…which produced a friendly, productive relationship with vendors…she is not timid, and is always on your side when something comes up. Cristie is very dependable”.
“Cristie’s attention to detail, constant follow-through, and in-control personality, made her an asset to this project”.
“Cristie has excellent working rapport”. “There was wonderful collaboration on all levels throughout the process”.
“I was always able to have an open discussion throughout the project, and I greatly valued each and every option that Cristie provided me. We have a very trusting relationship”.
“We are so pleased with our new additions, and we’re so glad that we decided to do the entire project all at once, rather than in parts”.


entryway“Cristie did a wonderful job! She can envision things that I never would have considered on my own – and her space planning is amazing. I tried to design the space myself and ended up sitting on this project for over a year after buying the house. I wanted a small bumble bee motif incorporated into my tile work, similar to one I had seen at French Brown. She recreated the tile with her own completely original design in a flight pattern. Brilliant! The timeline was just as she stated and she managed the entire project, start to finish. I never had to worry about a thing.”
– Judy H. – Dallas, TX
bathroom“I know Cristie personally and have always been impressed with her keen eye and honesty. Cristie has great style, but can also appreciate a budget. Her ideas, suggestions, and designs were lovely yet affordable and she never applied unnecessary pressure for me to spend more. Additionally, her team’s work on my dining room and master bedroom seating area was completed on a timely basis. I would absolutely work with Cristie again!”
– Julie H. – Dallas, TX
cabinets“Cristie has a great eye, is responsive and diligent, and makes working with her fun! I’ve worked with her several times, but our most recent project together was the consolidation of two homes, both fully furnished, into our new home. Cristie visited both properties and inventoried our furnishings, drew a floor plan of the new home, and “placed” the key pieces of furniture. This made our move so much easier! As we carried each piece through the door we knew right where it was headed.”
– Samara K. – Dallas, TX
kitchen“Working with Cristie and her staff was such a pleasure. After discussing our personal preferences for color, design, and texture, Cristie absorbed all of the information and was easily able to select fabrics for our consideration. Every detail was precisely followed up on to ensure that our final selections resulted in a beautiful finish. We love our beautiful window treatments and receive compliments on them regularly. We are very pleased with our overall experience with Schlosser Design Group and would recommend Cristie and her staff to anyone seeking design help for their home.”
– Julie M. – Dallas, TX
"Vinemont Kitchen by Dallas Interior Designer"“Cristie is so easy to talk to – you can tell she really loves what she does. Cristie and team offered great space planning for my kitchen remodel and worked to stay within my budget without sacrificing quality. I would definitely work with Schlosser Design Group again in the future!”
– Susan M. – Dallas, TX
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