Living Well in Living Walls

As humans, we yearn for connection. The past year has shown us how meaningful our human relationships are, but so is our connection to nature. Biophilic design has become more popular over the last decade and brings a branch of the natural world into our everyday lives.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

The use of biophilic design has been planted in interior design from every culture worldwide for centuries. Classic examples still exist in historic landmarks today and are living proof that biophilic design is still alive and well.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

What does biophilia mean?

The term ‘biophilia’ is a love for life and living systems. An expansion of biophilia is biophilic design, a concept rooted in people’s connection to the natural environment using direct natural elements and indirect natural elements. Nature is a fundamental component in our world that can sometimes feel lost in the hustle and bustle of technology and architecture. We still have this urge to affiliate with other forms of life, and our intuition has preserved this movement to find its resurgence in our world today.

The places that we live, work, and learn can now be havens for natural light and vegetation to not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but to reconnect us to the great outdoors. Unconsciously, we seek out these spaces to be in tune with our inherent human need to be part of nature.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

What are the benefits?

The use of natural materials evokes experiences of the natural world into our structured urban jungles. The incorporation of biophilic design has many benefits such as:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Improved cognitive function
  3. Enhanced creativity
  4. Improved overall well-being
  5. Expedited healing

Living Walls

Americans, on average, spend 86% of their time indoors and 4% of their time commuting in their cars. That leaves a sliver of 10% of our lives where we can immerse ourselves in nature. Neural sciences have shown us that consistent interactions with nature are vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant existence.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

Home and business owners see the benefits of biophilic design in their spaces. Through biophilic design, living walls, and creative interior plant scaping are not only improving productivity in the scenes where we conduct the many facets of our lives, but they are reconnecting all of us with nature by bringing the beauty of the outdoors in with us.

Living or biophilic walls give us an escape from our urban cocoons and help to cultivate a home for all of life’s seasons. This practice pays homage to our meditative return to what is rooted in all of us, in that we feel a love, connection, and appreciation from what has come from the earth.

The warmer months have finally arrived, but don’t forget you don’t have to leave mother nature at the door. We can help guide you to make your home a conservatory of good-natured physical and physiological healing by incorporating biophilic practices to nurture and live well in your living walls.