Why Use an RID?

RID’s are educated, experienced, and qualified through rigorous testing and licensure at the state and national levels. The role of the interior designer is to find creative and visually pleasing technical solutions to achieve the client’s desired result. Interior designers are responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the public as it is affected by the built environment utilizing knowledge of sustainability guidelines, accessibility, and other building code requirements. In short, working with a registered interior designer allows the client to make informed decisions about their design solutions.

Why Choose Schlosser Design Group?

At SDG, we are passionate about stunning design and sensitive to our clients’ needs and desires. We listen first, ask questions second and then creatively and cohesively collaborate to bring your design desires to life through a final space that is both practical and beautiful. Our primary goal is to create harmonious, calm environments that are above all, welcoming. Each project is a unique collaboration between designer and client, lending individuality to the space. The best indication of a successful project is when no single element stands out, because great design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I find the most rewarding moment during a project is when our interpretation aligns seamlessly with your vision. As your partner with your best interest at heart, there are no egos involved. It’s not about Schlosser Design Group, it’s about you, our valued client, and making your inspired design aspirations become your new reality.

Are you ready to bring your design aspirations to life? Collaborate with us today: call 214.546.6747
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