4 Do’s and Don’ts When Decorating for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, and the holidays are quickly approaching. This means it’s time to start prepping your home for the gatherings and guests with each celebration. To help keep your home functional and cozy during this time of year, we’re providing you with 4 Do’s and Don’ts when decorating this holiday season.

Do #1 – Get Ahead on Decorating

Whether you’re using existing decorations from previous years or purchasing new items, getting a head-start on your holiday decorating can help save you time, reduce stress, and improve your overall mood. Head to the stores before its prime time, and inventory gets sparse. Enjoy decorating with your loved ones while the weather remains pleasant, and you can take your time. Getting a head-start also allows you to plan out your vision so you can enjoy your interiors to their optimal ability.

Do #2 – Incorporate Energy-Efficient Options

Undoubtedly, with all the holiday decorating and gatherings, you may be looking for additional ways to conserve energy and save money during this busy time of year. LED lights are a great alternative to incandescent lights. They last longer overall – but they never need to be plugged in, resulting in significantly less energy use, less risk for hazards, and cost-effective alternatives. If you prefer to use other forms of lighting, timers are a great option so you can schedule the lights to turn on when it gets dark and off before bedtime!

Do #3 – Keep a Consistent Theme Throughout

Holidays are a great excuse to get extra festive, but if you don’t want to overdo your decorating, try sticking to the same color scheme throughout your home to help tell a story. It may be beneficial to play off one focal point to create different color combinations while adding patterns and textures to help tie your space together.

Do #4 – Create the Right First Impression

Our latest blog discussed the importance of creating the right first impression with home design. Avoid overcrowding your front door and entryway with decorations so you and your guests can seamlessly enter the home. Instead, consider implementing a holiday-inspired wreath, in-season florals, a well-lit entry, or some holiday-inspired candles to complete the festive feel.

Don’t #1 – Go Overboard with Decorations

Don’t forget that less is more, which also applies to your holiday décor. There’s holiday cheer, but there’s also holiday clutter. Strive to create a personal, simple, impactful space to help you feel at ease during the holiday season. Ultimately, if your home makes you and your guests happy, you’re doing it right.

Don’t #2 – Limit Your Holiday Décor to One Room

As mentioned above, you don’t want to go overboard with the holiday décor. However, create a consistent and cohesive feel by sprinkling decorative elements in serval rooms of your home to help make each space feel extra cozy and festive. Something as simple as holiday throw pillows, sheets in the bedroom or a cheerful shower liner in the bathroom can add that extra dose of holiday spirit.

Don’t #3 – Use Nails or Staples to Hang Up Your Indoor or Outdoor Holiday Décor

There are several options for hanging up your holiday décor, but staples and large nails shouldn’t be one of them! Avoid the risk of damaging your walls or roof by applying substitutes like command hooks, tacks, adhesive putty, or clips to hold up lights or artwork.

Don’t #4 – Overload Electrical Outlets

With the amount of technology available to us these days, and our constant need to be connected to everything all at once, electrical appliances and décor have become increasingly popular each holiday season. It’s crucial to recognize when your outlets are overloaded to avoid loss of electricity, circuit breaks, and electrical fires, not to mention the cluster of unsightly cords. Try strategically placing each design element where they don’t depend on the same outlet.

There you have it! We are genuinely grateful to gather and celebrate with one another this year. We hope these do’s and don’ts help inspire your decorating this holiday season, helping to bring back joyful memories for years to come.