When You Know, It Is Time for A Kitchen Remodel and What to Expect During the Process 

When some think of a home remodel, they quickly dream up scenes from a home remodel television show where a new project is introduced, renovated, and finished with a big reveal, all under an hour. If only that were the case in real life. When it comes to any remodel within your home, you are taking a big step toward improving your and your family’s lives. That step comes with not only the investment but with dedication and disruption in your day-to-day. These are some of the reasons why many homeowners procrastinate remodels.

There are some remodels we recommend acting on, sooner rather than later, like your kitchen. Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home where people can come to gather, interact, and bond. If you also like to entertain, there is no question that your kitchen must support you and your guests from multiple angles. Which raises the question, when do you know when it is time for a kitchen remodel, and what can you expect during the process? We hope these tips will enlighten and inspire you to take the next step in your kitchen renovation experience.

When is it the right time?

It is important to remember that while a remodel will require a lot on your part, at the end of the day, you will add value to your home, improve its overall function, and allow more appreciation for the space. If you’re struggling with whether now is an ideal time to renovate, here are some key indicators that the time may be now.

  1. Staying Put – A kitchen renovation is a major investment and not one to be taken lightly. If you and your family plan on moving in a few years, it would not be the best choice financially for you to invest in a renovation. For those who do plan on staying in their current residence for the foreseeable future, a renovation will be well worth it in the long run.
  2. Hard to Function – There are many factors to consider when it comes to the overall flow of a space. When it comes to the flow of your kitchen, your work triangle is the primary focus for efficient use of the square footage and the different touchpoints. When you work with an interior designer, we will help you identify your kitchen work triangle or give clarity as to why your current layout is being hindered and how a rework of the floor plan can improve the flow and function.
  3. Time to Upgrade – The reality of appliances is that they are an investment in themselves, and they can sometimes be a hassle to replace. It may seem easier to wait for appliances to break before purchasing new ones. While this sounds like the right thing to do, it is not the best practice long term. If your appliances are hanging on by a thread, utilizing them as if they were brand new can be a dangerous game to play, especially when it comes to your larger appliances like a gas stove, which can leak, or a dated dishwasher which can flood. This is why it is crucial to keep your kitchen appliances working properly to keep everything and everyone safe.
  4. The Struggle Is Real – With the holidays just around the corner, your kitchen will become the destination for entertaining even more than usual. An essential part of any get-together entails some sort of food and drink and more bodies in the kitchen at one time. Do you feel crowded already? A lack of storage can be a huge pain point, especially when adding dishes, appliances, and preparation items for plates and beverages. Things can become cluttered and feel overwhelming very quickly. With the help of custom cabinetry and extended counter space, we can help you alleviate any tight situation.
  5. Look and Feel Refreshed – Refreshed interiors will improve the way you interact with your surroundings. Stepping into a room that is stylish and beautiful, and functionally sound will not only enhance its visual appeal but will highlight its overall custom design to create a living experience unique to you and your family.

Does any of this sound familiar? Whether you are thinking or actively planning for a kitchen renovation, here are things to expect once you decide to commit to the remodeling process. By sharing these with you, we hope that we can alleviate any apprehensions you may be feeling and prepare you for the journey ahead.

What to Expect

  1. Dust and Noise – As hard as we might, dust will happen. During any demolition work or breakdown of cabinetry or tile removal, sheets of dust will fall. We do our best to alleviate this reality and have some ways to prepare. First, we suggest removing as much as you can from the kitchen. For items that can’t be removed, cover them to prevent dust from settling into crevasses that could cause damage or health concerns later.Noise is another guarantee that comes with a kitchen remodel. From saws, sanders, nail guns, and air compressors, the number of noises will depend on the day, but you should always expect some sort of noise no matter where you are in the process. If you have an important phone call, or you need some headspace to concentrate, we recommend planning for an offsite location to be your safe haven in the meantime.
  2. Time – Any form of remodeling will take time. With a redesign that requires structures to be demolished and new ones to be installed, it is essential to note that your time will be required. This is another reason why it is important to decide what you need during your project’s planning and design phase and why it is beneficial to work with a designer. We can help you by addressing the right questions upfront and being your liaison during the process to check and double-check that items are being executed appropriately and within budget.Your patience will be tested. There are phases of your project that cannot proceed before the completion of another. This is especially true when it comes to the measurements of countertops, which can’t be executed until the cabinets are installed to ensure everything fits perfectly.Just remember, this process is a significant investment for your home, so it is okay to slow down and take your time to ensure everything is done right the first time. To alleviate any disturbances, it helps outline a new routine and prepare a secondary area for cooking for everyone in the household. Having these in place ahead of time will make the transition seamless so you all can carry on with your day.
  3. Delays – We have said it once, and we will say it again, life happens, and so do delays. There is only one way to prepare for delays, and that is to expect the unexpected. If you know, something will happen, and it is just a matter of when you can be better prepared to pivot your plan and your schedule to accommodate for any mishaps. As your design steward, we take great care to make any delays as painless as possible, and when we look back to what started as delays will turn into a creative solution that works out for the better.

Well, you’ve made it. You’ve put in the time, the care, and attention to your kitchen remodel, and now it is time to enjoy with your friends and family! A kitchen remodel can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotions, but don’t let that stop you from making the commitment. We can help you navigate the process with confidence and preparation to a beautiful space complete with everything you’ve ever imagined.