3 Window Treatment Options to Enhance Your Interiors

Windows not only bring in plenty of natural light that can be used to brighten and elevate your interiors but window treatments can also stand on their own as a design piece for enhancement as well. There are numerous treatment options that can bring a touch of flair to the rest of your space. We’re outlining 3 of our favorite window treatments to help you select which ones are best for your home.

1. Drapes

Drapes are the most commonly used window treatment and styling of this significant fabric piece has evolved over centuries. There are numerous ways to style drapes that can add just the right touch to create a beautiful aesthetic to frame your environment. The way the fabric is pleated creates a distinct shape and style that you might want to consider when making your selection. Ripple fold standard is a sleek and popular option that has a consistent S-curve patterned shape. Pinch pleat is more classical and just as the name sounds, the pleat “pinches” a few inches below the top and this effect flows down to the rest of the drape. This pinch pleat style is one of our favorites and can be seen in the image above. Other styles that you might come across are:

  • Inverted pleat
  • Goblet
  • Cubicle
  • Tie top
  • Grommet

Fabric material and thread count is also something you should consider when making selections. Quality drapes will last and maintain their style and functionality. Certain styles of fabric may offer you different options like blocking out light or keeping in heat. Layering with sheer drapes or combining different colors give you flexibility with styling. Other things you can do to enhance your drapes include choosing complementary pieces like matching rods and drapery rings. With multiple things to consider and an abundance of possibilities, you can tailor your drapes the way you’d like to make a custom piece impeccable for your home.

2. Window Cornices

Window cornices are a unique addition to drapery design. They can bring a pop of color to create an overall cohesive window treatment appearance. Window cornices serve in both style and function. They can hide any hardware or anything that is out of place from your drapes or simply frame windows, so they look more finished. Like custom drapes, window cornices are usually custom made to match the needs of your windows.

When making your selections, you want to focus your attention on the material of the window cornice. Cornices can be painted wood, fabric wrapped wood or other materials such as metal. Stand-alone cornices can be used without drapes and be found over blinds near kitchen spaces. Without drapery underneath, the cornice can bring personality to a space using shape and color. With window cornices, there is plenty of flexibility in styling, with or without drapes, that can bring a luxurious touch to your windows.

3. Shades

Shades are a great alternative to drapes and offer a different contemporary style that can change the feel of the interior, if styled correctly. The great thing about shades is you have a little more control over how much light is let in without altering much of the window treatment appearance.

For more customization, focus on the color, texture, and functionality of the shades which can be seen in residential homes near kitchen and bath spaces and are fitting for most commercial interiors as well. Roman shades are an easy go-to, that we have personally used in some of our clients’ projects. To avoid an outdated appearance, look for styles that have been modernized. For example, in recent years, shades have been redesigned to exclude cords or can be motorized. Solar shades are a uniquely modern option that can block out UV rays. These are a few of the advanced features you might like to incorporate in your home. Other types of shades that you can find in the market are roller shades, pleated shades, and layered shades. Each are unique in style and may bring a different touch.

We hope this guide gave you insight and inspiration to enhance your windows with beautiful styling options. Though we’ve only highlighted 3 major categories, there are so many styling options and techniques within each to make your window treatment completely tailored to you and your interiors.

Other customary window treatment options not listed that you might want to consider for your project include, blinds, panels, and shutters. Between drapery selections for one area of your home to perhaps shades in another, you have unlimited options to stylishly cater to your window needs. Until we meet again in the New Year, we hope you stay warm and rested this holiday.