5 Must Haves for a Bathroom Remodel

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the most requested remodels, and for good reason – it may be tucked away from immediate view, but it is a highly utilized part of the home that shouldn’t be neglected. Is your bathroom in need of a makeover but you’re not sure where to start? We have you covered with these 5 must haves for a successful bathroom remodel.

1. Vanity

The vanity of your bathroom should be a sight to see. Elevating your bathroom vanity is an excellent way to ignite a major transformation within the space and can help set the tone for the rest of bathroom aesthetic. Whether it’s a powder bath or a primary bath, knowing what style you want to achieve is essential. Floating vanities are a popular modern selection that can create a luxurious, and spacious appeal. Other types include vessel sink vanities where the sink is free-standing on top of the vanity surface and even corner vanities that can be found in half-baths and washroom stations. Custom cabinetry is another way to elevate your bathroom experience by carefully configuring each unit to effortlessly store your essentials. The other parts of the vanity space include the mirror and sink area – all pieces to the puzzle that can be enhanced and tailored to your unique style.

2. Shower

When undergoing a bathroom remodel some have asked the question “Do we want or need the tub?” Choosing a design that does not include a tub allows the space to be utilized in more creative ways. This modern direction brings a sleek, spa-like feel to the bathroom setting. The removal of the bathtub perimeter offers a larger footprint to create some spacious attractions. In the photo above the client opted to include a rain showerhead in addition to the to the standard showerhead and handheld. A rain showerhead gives you a gentle rain over your head and body to help relax you while all three provide for a customizable shower experience. The floor to ceiling shower door adds depth and height to the shower area that opens the area to the rest of the space. Invite more luxury in, by adding shower benches to bring the pampering home to you.

3. Tile Work Design

Reach your bathroom’s full potential by incorporating a variety of design elements. You will only find tile in a handful of places in a residential interior and the bathroom is the perfect place to get creative with the tile placement and design. Intricate accent walls are a great example of how tiles are beautifully put together in form and function. Don’t hesitate to apply a pattern or color with tiles to make your bathroom stand out with a custom design. An accent wall, and even floor tiles are a great way to utilize different materials and layer in color, pattern, and texture to your interior.

4. Space Planning

The easiest way to create luxury is by maximizing your space use in your floor plan. A cluttered and crowded bathroom is certainly not ideal so if there is any way to expand or rearrange, this is the route to follow.

Having a window in the bathroom is another plus as the natural light can really brighten and enlarge the room. This effect can also be created and manipulated with the use of the right lighting and design materials that can reflect a relaxing ambiance back into the rest of the room.

5. Décor

After the placements, selections, and renovations have been made, it’s time to start moving in all the little details that make a world of difference. Add personality and a touch of luxurious flare with the décor you choose to display. A good note to remember is if your towelettes and other toiletries are in view, make sure they are folded and arranged neatly. This can really aid in bringing that flawless touch. Don’t go too overboard with the décor, as minimalist details are best for bathroom spaces. Variations of biophilic design are a useful design trend for bathroom spaces, that encourage the use of greenery and natural elements as holistic additions for living well!

We hope these ideas help guide you on where to start your bathroom remodel. Don’t think of your bathroom as just a bathroom but a getaway for relaxation — it’s where you start and end your day. Make the most of this interior and get creative with making it a one-of-a-kind living experience that will serve you and your family to the fullest!