Design Selections Fit For Entertaining and Sustainable for Everyday Life

The holiday season means there will be plenty of opportunities to gather with friends and family. Furniture selections can make a significant impact on your interiors and that’s why we’re here to give you some pointers on selecting furniture fit for entertaining during this busy season while also being sustainable for everyday life.

1. Bar and Counter Stools

Kitchen islands not only give an ample amount of space for food preparation but offer seating space as well. Bar and counter stools optimize your kitchen space by offering extra seating and elevating the flow of your kitchen footprint. They also stand as great accent furniture that can complement the design within the rest of the kitchen. You can opt for sleek, modern, traditional, or extravagant barstool design when styling the island space. The choice of color can also add a subtle touch or make a bold statement. Regardless, this piece of furniture is one to surely catch the eye of anyone who enters the kitchen, so you want to make a strong impression!

Another key entertaining area you can find this type of seating is in front of a wet bar. These convenient nooks are smaller than a kitchen island, and are a luxury to have in your home, especially when it comes to entertaining guests. Though this space won’t usually be of everyday use like the kitchen island, try selecting elevated styles to match the scenery and make the most out of your special occasions.

2. Wall Units

When having guests over in a relaxed living room setting, the TV will probably be on to show the live football game or the latest episode of the most trending drama. Custom and unique wall units are entertainment centers made to be the primary focus. A wall unit is a luxurious furniture piece that is made to have a TV at the center surrounded by personalized décor. This area is significant for living room or sitting room designs so you want to make the right selections that will blend seamlessly while being functional for the space and your guests.

3. Dining Room Buffet and Hutch

To make your dining area even more divine, adding a buffet and hatch furniture piece is a must. This piece has lasted the test of time and continues to be a valuable and essential piece of a formal dining room setting. This furniture has been modified and updated to create a variety of different styles, so make sure to select a complementary piece that will be cohesive with the rest of the dining room style. This furniture selection will surely be of use during dinner parties to serve food and drinks or for storing and displaying the most elegant china sets or chinoiserie.

With the holiday season and the end of the year approaching, it is a great time to consider what things to modify, enhance, or refresh in your home. With these statement furniture sets in mind, we hope you’ve gathered the concept around how to select the right items that will aid you in making the most out of entertaining at home.

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How to Navigate Construction Details for a Kitchen and Bath Remodel

For many homeowners or real estate investors, a remodel is inevitable. A remodel not only brings an updated aesthetic but can also raise the value and functionality of the home. The primary areas that we remodel are our kitchens and bathrooms. They have the most significant bottom-line effect on our largest personal investment, our home. Everyone should have a great kitchen that they can enjoy, prepared and ready for entertaining and cooking, while a bathroom should make us feel like our home is our resort. If you’re thinking of a remodel for either of these spaces, we understand that the construction process can be complicated, so we’re here to guide you through some of those major details!

1. Identify Remodel Project and Budget

A remodel is a significant project that can sometimes be overwhelming. Identifying the areas you want to remodel is the very first step. Each room has requirements you’ll want to consider when planning. The key components to address for your kitchen and bathroom are plumbing and electrical systems. For kitchens specifically, there are additional factors to consider. You’ll want to think about range hoods for ventilation, spacing if you want to incorporate an island, layout design if you’re going to expand the kitchen footprint, and much more. With all this planning, it pays to work with an interior designer who has experience orchestrating these types of projects. They’ll be able to help you create a proper budget framework that encompasses everything to achieve your vision.

2. Hiring the Right Team

When undergoing a rebuild, it’s important to put your trust in the right team to minimize any complications throughout the process. Hiring a licensed interior designer will bring your project to life and provide that added layer of sophistication when it comes to the research, planning, and prompt execution of your rebuild. By partnering with your interior designer, you’ll open yourself up to a whole network of professionals to help you pull off your redesign. Your interior designer will most likely have their preferred general contractors they’ve worked with previously, but if you need to research some on your own, qualifications to look for are their previous work and customer reviews. Examples of large-scale rebuilds will indicate what your final product will look like, while customer reviews will give you insight into the working relationship.

3. Planning for Procurement

It would certainly be nice if renovations could happen overnight, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. When assembling a project, it’s imperative to be aware of the timing of deliveries, which is the driving factor for the entire timeline. Certain materials and supplies may take time to be processed through logistics, especially with many shipping delays from the onset of the pandemic. Having an interior designer in your camp will help the entire project run smoother and keep the stakeholders time cautious and efficient with your time and budget. For kitchen and bath reworks, specific items and materials can include tiling, cabinetry, countertop stones, and vanities, so plan for delays of various items. Setting your expectations in a realistic time frame will help keep you and your deadline in check.

4. Waste Removal

Out with the old, in with the new! While there’s much anticipation for the reveal of the final design, it’s crucial to coordinate waste and debris removal. This should be discussed with the contractor to understand who will be responsible for hauling off the debris. Somehow, waste removal during a renovation can sometimes be overlooked, so it’s also important to consider this when planning and budgeting.

5. Packing It All Up

Once construction planning has been finalized, it’s time to remove any belongings or obstacles that may be in the way during the process and create a plan for a temporary transition. Kitchen and bathroom spaces are the two most essential and utilized spaces in the home, so it’s critical to be able to use another bathroom in the home or switch to a makeshift kitchen or takeout. The construction process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, so it’s best to organize and plan ahead.

We hope this comprehensive list helps you navigate the major details and provides guidance for planning your next project. Hiring an registered interior designer will ensure each design element and design solution is made with you in mind. What you allow in your home should be selective and work cohesively to create a holistic design aesthetic that is personalized for you and your family’s lives. Consider us your technical and aesthetic expert to provide useful design information and best practices to create stellar kitchens and bathrooms that help achieve your dream home! If you’re looking for a holistic interior designer to bring your ideas to life, contact us for a consultation!

When You Know, It Is Time for A Kitchen Remodel and What to Expect During the Process 

When some think of a home remodel, they quickly dream up scenes from a home remodel television show where a new project is introduced, renovated, and finished with a big reveal, all under an hour. If only that were the case in real life. When it comes to any remodel within your home, you are taking a big step toward improving your and your family’s lives. That step comes with not only the investment but with dedication and disruption in your day-to-day. These are some of the reasons why many homeowners procrastinate remodels.

There are some remodels we recommend acting on, sooner rather than later, like your kitchen. Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home where people can come to gather, interact, and bond. If you also like to entertain, there is no question that your kitchen must support you and your guests from multiple angles. Which raises the question, when do you know when it is time for a kitchen remodel, and what can you expect during the process? We hope these tips will enlighten and inspire you to take the next step in your kitchen renovation experience.

When is it the right time?

It is important to remember that while a remodel will require a lot on your part, at the end of the day, you will add value to your home, improve its overall function, and allow more appreciation for the space. If you’re struggling with whether now is an ideal time to renovate, here are some key indicators that the time may be now.

  1. Staying Put – A kitchen renovation is a major investment and not one to be taken lightly. If you and your family plan on moving in a few years, it would not be the best choice financially for you to invest in a renovation. For those who do plan on staying in their current residence for the foreseeable future, a renovation will be well worth it in the long run.
  2. Hard to Function – There are many factors to consider when it comes to the overall flow of a space. When it comes to the flow of your kitchen, your work triangle is the primary focus for efficient use of the square footage and the different touchpoints. When you work with an interior designer, we will help you identify your kitchen work triangle or give clarity as to why your current layout is being hindered and how a rework of the floor plan can improve the flow and function.
  3. Time to Upgrade – The reality of appliances is that they are an investment in themselves, and they can sometimes be a hassle to replace. It may seem easier to wait for appliances to break before purchasing new ones. While this sounds like the right thing to do, it is not the best practice long term. If your appliances are hanging on by a thread, utilizing them as if they were brand new can be a dangerous game to play, especially when it comes to your larger appliances like a gas stove, which can leak, or a dated dishwasher which can flood. This is why it is crucial to keep your kitchen appliances working properly to keep everything and everyone safe.
  4. The Struggle Is Real – With the holidays just around the corner, your kitchen will become the destination for entertaining even more than usual. An essential part of any get-together entails some sort of food and drink and more bodies in the kitchen at one time. Do you feel crowded already? A lack of storage can be a huge pain point, especially when adding dishes, appliances, and preparation items for plates and beverages. Things can become cluttered and feel overwhelming very quickly. With the help of custom cabinetry and extended counter space, we can help you alleviate any tight situation.
  5. Look and Feel Refreshed – Refreshed interiors will improve the way you interact with your surroundings. Stepping into a room that is stylish and beautiful, and functionally sound will not only enhance its visual appeal but will highlight its overall custom design to create a living experience unique to you and your family.

Does any of this sound familiar? Whether you are thinking or actively planning for a kitchen renovation, here are things to expect once you decide to commit to the remodeling process. By sharing these with you, we hope that we can alleviate any apprehensions you may be feeling and prepare you for the journey ahead.

What to Expect

  1. Dust and Noise – As hard as we might, dust will happen. During any demolition work or breakdown of cabinetry or tile removal, sheets of dust will fall. We do our best to alleviate this reality and have some ways to prepare. First, we suggest removing as much as you can from the kitchen. For items that can’t be removed, cover them to prevent dust from settling into crevasses that could cause damage or health concerns later.Noise is another guarantee that comes with a kitchen remodel. From saws, sanders, nail guns, and air compressors, the number of noises will depend on the day, but you should always expect some sort of noise no matter where you are in the process. If you have an important phone call, or you need some headspace to concentrate, we recommend planning for an offsite location to be your safe haven in the meantime.
  2. Time – Any form of remodeling will take time. With a redesign that requires structures to be demolished and new ones to be installed, it is essential to note that your time will be required. This is another reason why it is important to decide what you need during your project’s planning and design phase and why it is beneficial to work with a designer. We can help you by addressing the right questions upfront and being your liaison during the process to check and double-check that items are being executed appropriately and within budget.Your patience will be tested. There are phases of your project that cannot proceed before the completion of another. This is especially true when it comes to the measurements of countertops, which can’t be executed until the cabinets are installed to ensure everything fits perfectly.Just remember, this process is a significant investment for your home, so it is okay to slow down and take your time to ensure everything is done right the first time. To alleviate any disturbances, it helps outline a new routine and prepare a secondary area for cooking for everyone in the household. Having these in place ahead of time will make the transition seamless so you all can carry on with your day.
  3. Delays – We have said it once, and we will say it again, life happens, and so do delays. There is only one way to prepare for delays, and that is to expect the unexpected. If you know, something will happen, and it is just a matter of when you can be better prepared to pivot your plan and your schedule to accommodate for any mishaps. As your design steward, we take great care to make any delays as painless as possible, and when we look back to what started as delays will turn into a creative solution that works out for the better.

Well, you’ve made it. You’ve put in the time, the care, and attention to your kitchen remodel, and now it is time to enjoy with your friends and family! A kitchen remodel can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotions, but don’t let that stop you from making the commitment. We can help you navigate the process with confidence and preparation to a beautiful space complete with everything you’ve ever imagined.

How SDG Brings Holistic Design to Everyone in Your Home

At SDG, we aspire to create spaces that improve your overall quality of life. We focus our efforts on protecting and nurturing an environment that suits your lifestyle with a balance of spiritual elements and tangible concepts like architecture, layout, and the mechanics of a space. Our holistic designs create a positive impact that relaxes and provides a serene escape for living. Read on to learn how SDG can bring holistic design to everyone in your home.

Holistic design is achieved with the blending of multiple disciplines. When you apply the principles from each domain into a design, you will be left with an environment that feels stimulating and rejuvenating.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Holistic Design

1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design brings natural elements into your space and fills that void in our human yearning to connect with nature. By incorporating natural materials like indoor plants or natural wood finishes into your home, you’ll feel the effects of a consistent interaction with nature, which is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant existence.

You can read more about biophilic design in our blog article here.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Biophilic Design

2. Sustainable Design

If you’ve joined our SDG newsletter, you’ll be familiar with some of the sustainable brands we source our pieces from. When it comes to sustainable design, our goal is to reduce the amount of negative impacts on the environment while improving the health and comfort of our clients, thereby enhancing their home’s efficiency and performance.

Slight modifications to your environment can significantly affect the world around us that supports a physical and emotional comfort in the way you live. We take great care in sourcing and working with brands that are transparent with their process to provide us all with beautiful and sustainable products.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Sustainable Design

3. Universal Design

Universal design is a specialized and tailored form of design for the client’s living experience. This type of design applies to all people, all ages, and all lifestyles. By examining the current human occupancy and interaction of your home, we can tailor the flow and function for the people who live and use each space. We also provide a better understanding of how each dimension involved is connected with the other and how we customize those aspects to work together in a universal cohesive home.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Universal Design

4. Lighting and Color Psychology

Lighting and color applications play a vital role in how we interact with a space. By incorporating lighting and color psychology principles, we can enhance the level of livability within your home. Elements like exposure to natural light boost your vitamin D and alleviate stress during busy workdays. If natural light is something you want more of in your home that will affect the way we treat your windows.

Color psychology involves the art and science of using color. How you perceive color is the theme behind what colors are selected to communicate a specific message and will affect our methods of incorporating them into your space. As humans we can interpret whether we like something in 90 seconds or less. 90% of that decision is based solely on color.

The appropriate type of lighting and color choices for different spaces and functions in your home is another way we optimize environments for an elevated form of living.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Color Psychology

5. Ergonomics

Ergonomics translates into the users’ experience with the application of psychological and physiological principles. These principles serve as guides to allow us to engineer and design spaces that make living more efficient and thus more enjoyable. Furnishings enhance this idea of ergonomics, but the implementation does not stop there. Details like adequate seat heights for parents and kids, user-friendly pull-outs for varying dexterities, and other customizations are the only way to make something genuinely ergonomic.

Schlosser Design Group - Dallas - Ergonomics

Holistic design goes beyond your everyday interiors and incorporates the cohesive systems of your home with the systems that mirror those of our natural world. Optimizing your interiors with well-rounded principles in mind will increase the longevity of not only your home but those that live in it. By engaging with SDG, you can have a home that supports your and your family’s physical and mental wellness.

Bring Balance to Any Room in Your Home with These Five Design Elements

Maintaining a holistic approach for mindful designs comes with beauty and balance that is key to almost everything in our lives. Well thought out interiors have a different degree of harmony that makes them timeless and adaptable to support us and our families. With these five design elements, you’ll be able to dictate the energy and balance to help your home flow naturally.

1. Stability/Usability

Stability provides us with a certain level of confidence you get when we feel accomplished and prepared for the day. This can be in reference to your career or the stability of your personal life, where you feel like everything is in order and functioning as it should. You can achieve stability within your home by using warm colors similar to those found in nature, like warm browns, vibrant yellows, and a mix of reds or oranges. Incorporating secure shapes is another way to reinforce stability in your interiors with shapes that mimic a square like tiles, bricks, or cabinetry.

Great storage solutions in the form of custom cabinetry are a fantastic way to bring stability and ease of use to your everyday activities. This type of organization aligns each compartment with excellent storage and functionality with little to no effort from you. Tasks like wrapping gifts can be fun and efficient with long drawers for wrapping paper storage, while drawers with plugs can be handy for charging all your hair care tools. Keeping everything orderly and sound will instantly bring balance to any room of your home.

Schlosser Design Group Dallas Art

2. Art

Incorporating art in your interiors can serve as fuel for your spirit and bridge the gap between you and the industriousness of our forever-changing world. A room without art can feel dull or bare, affecting the way you interact within the space. Art can also help drive creativity and make us feel inspired to do things differently, like cooking a fantastic meal or tucking away for an afternoon to read your favorite book. Bring your style and personality to your home with some of your favorite works of art that are meaningful to you.

Schlosser Design Group Dallas Window Treatments

3. Window Treatments

Most of the time, we ask our windows to do contradictory things. We want to be able to see the beautiful views outside, but we also want to maintain our privacy. An excellent way to have the best of both worlds is to utilize window treatments. They help us regulate the amount of light and exposure allowed in a space, but they also help soften the aesthetics of a room and complete the overall look. Depending on the rest of the interiors in your home and your style of windows, you may be interested in using curtains and a valance or something more modern like a roman shade. Treating your windows as the frames of your pictures will make sure that they protect what is inside but also allow you to enjoy the view.

Schlosser Design Group Dallas Texture

4. Texture

Textural elements bring this idea of optimism or renewal. If an entire room is designed with manufactured, perfectly smooth, or shiny objects, it can feel cold or not livable. As human beings, we naturally feel how our surroundings make us feel. By incorporating pieces with texture like a cozy throw, a natural wood table, or better yet, a plant, you can help support your positive energy and give the room a little more warmth and depth. This support can nurture you and your family to live a more balanced and enriched life.

Schlosser Design Group Dallas Lighting

5. Find the Right Lighting

Lighting can make a significant difference in the way we go about our day in our homes. Having the right light in the suitable space is what keeps us moving or makes us slow down. When bright task lighting is used you can feel an energy that is bread on productivity and that sense of accomplishment. While spaces that have dimmed, minimal lighting can help you ease your mind for the evening hours where your to-do list stops and your thoughts turn off. The effect of illumination significantly impacts our overall psyche and can help change our overall outlook on life.

Thoughtful interiors go beyond what is beautiful and serve us differently. By implementing these design elements in every room, you will be able to bring you and your family a well-balanced environment that flows and functions effortlessly. If you or someone you know needs a mid-year refresh, give us a call. We would love to bring balance to your life and your home.

Living Well in Living Walls

As humans, we yearn for connection. The past year has shown us how meaningful our human relationships are, but so is our connection to nature. Biophilic design has become more popular over the last decade and brings a branch of the natural world into our everyday lives.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

The use of biophilic design has been planted in interior design from every culture worldwide for centuries. Classic examples still exist in historic landmarks today and are living proof that biophilic design is still alive and well.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

What does biophilia mean?

The term ‘biophilia’ is a love for life and living systems. An expansion of biophilia is biophilic design, a concept rooted in people’s connection to the natural environment using direct natural elements and indirect natural elements. Nature is a fundamental component in our world that can sometimes feel lost in the hustle and bustle of technology and architecture. We still have this urge to affiliate with other forms of life, and our intuition has preserved this movement to find its resurgence in our world today.

The places that we live, work, and learn can now be havens for natural light and vegetation to not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but to reconnect us to the great outdoors. Unconsciously, we seek out these spaces to be in tune with our inherent human need to be part of nature.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

What are the benefits?

The use of natural materials evokes experiences of the natural world into our structured urban jungles. The incorporation of biophilic design has many benefits such as:

  1. Reduced stress
  2. Improved cognitive function
  3. Enhanced creativity
  4. Improved overall well-being
  5. Expedited healing

Living Walls

Americans, on average, spend 86% of their time indoors and 4% of their time commuting in their cars. That leaves a sliver of 10% of our lives where we can immerse ourselves in nature. Neural sciences have shown us that consistent interactions with nature are vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant existence.


Compliments of Green Oasis Biophilic Solutions

Home and business owners see the benefits of biophilic design in their spaces. Through biophilic design, living walls, and creative interior plant scaping are not only improving productivity in the scenes where we conduct the many facets of our lives, but they are reconnecting all of us with nature by bringing the beauty of the outdoors in with us.

Living or biophilic walls give us an escape from our urban cocoons and help to cultivate a home for all of life’s seasons. This practice pays homage to our meditative return to what is rooted in all of us, in that we feel a love, connection, and appreciation from what has come from the earth.

The warmer months have finally arrived, but don’t forget you don’t have to leave mother nature at the door. We can help guide you to make your home a conservatory of good-natured physical and physiological healing by incorporating biophilic practices to nurture and live well in your living walls.

Six Tips For Improving Your Home-Work Life Balance

Improving Home-Work Life Balance
Before 2020 working from home for some of us was a dream. Now, it has become most of our reality. If some of you feel like the transition of bringing and conducting work from your permanent residence is still not where you’d like it to be, we have the tips to help you find the perfect blend of work and life. These are handy alterations you can use to modify your environment to prevent your work and personal life from becoming one endless headache. Support your healthy living with interiors that inspire productivity and encourage relaxation and entertaining.

Together But Separate

Separating your work and home life when these places are now one in the same has prompted conscious life and interior design solutions that will help bring order and balance to you and your family. 

1. Set Office Schedule

Depending on your line of work, your regular office hours may not always be 9 to 5. With your clients and workload in mind, be sure to set standard work time hours, so you know where you need to start and end your day to complete your duties. This may go without saying, but you would be surprised how key time management is to ensure you’re not burning the midnight oil when you could enjoy time with your family.

2. Take Breaks

Be sure to designate break times that nurture your overall mental health, like eating away from your desk or putting your phone down to take a brief stroll outside. Keeping a semi-consistent schedule will help hold you accountable and prioritize work items first, so you have the time and freedom later to unplug.

Office at home

3. Establish Your Home Office Space

While your entire home is yours to live, work, and play in–it is best to work from one room within your home base. Having your designated business area will allow you to be more productive and focused. Your type of business will help you decide on your workspace’s size and location within your home.

A couple of things to consider when designating your business area are your overall day-to-day living rituals and the consideration of special events. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, there are plenty of home office alternatives. You could utilize a spare bedroom, a closet, a private nook under your stairs, or a quiet living area that is rarely visited and far away from the kitchen or laundry room. Create an environment that will work for you to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

If you have a family that lives with you, you know that they are part of the equation. Don’t forget to plan how your new work environment will impact them. Preparing your workspace will help enhance your day at the office and minimize any unforeseen obstacles later down the line.

4. Design and Curate Your Home Office Space

Ensure your office furniture, equipment, and surroundings serve you the best in their appearance and function. Do you need a traditional desk with a computer, or will you need a modified workstation? Computers and desks come in plenty of configurations and alternatives nowadays that make them more comfortable and functional. If you require storage, make sure your desk drawers fit in their new home and open and close easily. You’ll want the ability to house all of those little odds and ins you may need and still keep everything in its place and out of sight. Natural lighting in your work area is essential! Open your blinds or curtains to windows or position your desk under a skylight. If your workspace is in a windowless area of your home, consider splurging on quality lighting. This will help alleviate eyestrain and increase your productivity.

You not only have to interact with this area every day for business purposes, but you also have to live among your office atmosphere to a certain degree. Making sure your interiors flow from business YOU to personal YOU will ensure a unified look that is equipped and easy on the eyes.

Home Office Space

5. Weed Out Distractions

Flexibility in your time does not mean you should distract yourself with daily household chores. Dirty dishes and laundry can wait till your day at the home office is complete. These distractions will keep you from completing the tasks at hand and you’ll quickly find that you’ll get far less work done or that you will need to work later to get the same amount of work done. Part of the dream we used to have of working from home is how productive we could be if we had that freedom. Trust us, block out that temporary mess until you are done with your workday.

6. Set Boundaries And Close Down for the Day

That feeling you get when you come home after a hard day’s work is still supposed to happen. This relaxing moment can be hard to come by if you never entirely turn off, and we understand that here lately, it is easier said than done. If you are preparing to call it a day, go ahead and shut down your equipment, whether it is your business phone, laptop, or any technology that could strain your eyes from overuse. The tiny notification bubbles on any backlit screen can wait while you are enjoying dinner or reading your favorite book.

Out of Office

Don’t forget to leave your office for the day. Departing from your work area for the day can help you separate work life from home life. If your business space is in a central location of the home where you’ll have to pass by from time to time, modify your business environment for non-business hours. This will help enforce that line in the sand where you are truly done for the day.

Setting boundaries for yourself is crucial to an overall healthy well-being. Be present in those little moments of life. You’ll find that you will be a more engaged and fulfilled human being who enjoys the work-life balance.

Get It Together

Learning and perfecting the boundaries you set will help you feel more in control of your life. Keeping business and home life humming along is important, but so is the time for your personal life events as well. Birthdays and anniversaries are meant to be celebrated. Allow yourself to have this kind of time and freedom to lead a more productive and happy life.

Have you recently found a job that you love that will allow you to work from home? Are you trying to master the work-life balance? Let us guide you through to a productive and stress-free New Year with a new home office design. We can help save you time and change the way you see working from home.


Live Beautifully Organized

As a residential holistic design firm, we can help you enhance every area of your home with elegant interior design solutions. A key piece to incorporate in a luxurious living experience is innovative storage and organization methods in your environment. The idea and function of the home has changed in recent months. Are there areas that need a little refresh or that could better serve you and your loved ones? The holiday season will come to a close soon, and how and where you store your décor does not have to be a chore. A New Year full of new plans is about to be underway, and there is no better time than now to evaluate your current home storage situation. Transitioning your home for each season can be seamless and comfortable with custom cabinetry and built-ins.

Fabulously Functional

Custom cabinetry and built-in carpentry can be functional and fabulous. Alleviating your home of clutter will encourage productivity and increase energy to enhance the lives of all who dwell in the space. These types of design elements demand attention. Custom made products and furniture mean more, not just to the people who live in the house but for those who visit–not to mention they also increase the value of your home. Having something made especially for you and your family’s needs is the kind of personalization everyone can appreciate and should enjoy.

Live Beautifully Organized

Showcase what is essential in your life with custom cabinetry. For the kitchen cabinets, it could be your fine china or priceless glassware. In your home office, you could display your collection of books or classic vinyls that help give your interiors personality. Turn what you treasure into a statement piece to be admired.

Fabulously Functional

Two Kinds of Problems

In our experience, we have come across two types of storage problems.

  1. You don’t have as much storage as you would like
  2. The storage available is not working for you as it should

Another side to how and where you keep items tidy could depend on what you use daily versus what you use seasonally. Supplies you and your family utilize daily will need to be easily accessible to where there is little disruption in obtaining them, going about your day, and returning them back to their home. While season décor can be tucked away in a safe place, you won’t need access to every day.

Custom built-ins can add storage to numerous rooms in your home, like your closet or mudroom. They can also make organizing clothing items or other personal articles more visible and accessible. Built-ins can also hide those homey things we know we all use but would instead have tucked away when guests arrive.

Custom Cabinets Home Design

Make Your Storage Work For You

Bringing custom cabinetry and built-ins to your home will bring the necessary storage to your kitchen, closets, laundry room, and garage. With these design elements’ versatility, you can convert any space into a functional and soothing retreat. Carve out the space you need and make it work to maximize your home’s square footage for relaxation and entertaining.

Do you have lower cabinets that are a dark deep abyss where you cannot find or easily reach what you are looking for? You can make those deep wells easier to use with custom pullout shelves and drawers. Creative configuration can also improve ease of use around plumbing or support beams while providing effortless living. Can you feel the Zen mood we are creating here?

Organized Storage Solutions

Change Your Ways

With each change in season comes life anew. Make the transition between the seasons effortless by keeping your belongings things arranged perfectly. Year-round decorating is a breeze with these easy tips. For those larger pieces of furniture and feature items in your home, stay in the neutral zone of color and layer in your décor from there. Having a neutral base to build off of will lend your interiors to all the seasons.

Create a more inviting window seat by placing luxurious pillows and something to read for the next passersby to take a break. If you have a mudroom equipped with cubbies, let your loved ones organize themselves so they can grab and go on their way out the door. If it’s springtime, help them along by keeping their raincoat or rain shoes handy.

For your living room, switch out those dark bulky pillows and throws for items that speak to a lighter and brighter time of year. In the bedroom, remove the cozier blankets for crisp white duvets and linens to keep everyone covered and cool. Replacing curtains and throws to lightweight cotton or linen are quick and easy updates that allow for lighter and breezier air to flow through indoors.

Change the way you see your interiors and especially the storage features of your home. We have the expertise and know-how to make your custom cabinetry and built-ins work for you and your home. Living well in your domain is what it’s all about, after all. Connect with us and let us help you invigorate your interiors with the latest and greatest in storage solutions.

Custom Home Design

Designing for the Season in the Midst of COVID

Our goal is always to enhance you and your family’s lifestyle. Here are some design practices you can apply to your day-to-day life or for those special occasions. While COVID has brought its share of challenges, there is a lot to be grateful for this year. It has been a blessing to be able to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and be able to truly reflect on what is most important. Thanks to quarantine and social distancing, we have all come to appreciate what has always been right in front of us. The holiday season is well underway, and we are all still trying to navigate it with health and safety in mind. Traditions may need some modifying, and your checklist may look a little different this year. Remember, the environment you are creating in your home will help you and your loved ones be ready for this joyous time. We have carefully planned and compiled a holiday checklist that incorporates the new health and safety paraments that we hope will help you welcome your company in the most stress-free way.

Not the Same Song and Dance

A holistic design brings peace of mind that helps alleviate the rush that always comes with this time of year. While your overnight guest list may be altered this year, it is still essential to make your guest feel welcome and safe during their stay. Here are a few little reminders that will make the transition easier for everyone. 

Designing for the Season

1. Plan and Plan Some More

Planning, especially this year, goes far beyond the usual cleaning and decorating. There are various hosting options to consider in our new normal, such as, digital meetups or socially distant in-home events. Before your visitors arrive, be sure to discuss the importance of social distancing and the appropriate time to wear a mask ahead of time. This will help keep everyone on the same page and establish the answer to any questions they may have during their stay. Also, it is best to keep your guest list to a minimum this year. I know we all want to gather with those we love and that seem so far away. There are other ways for us to gather, celebrate, and keep everyone healthy and safe.

If you have guests that are still coming home to you, discuss transportation ahead of time. Schedule with them a set times and coordinate rides, so that you can prepare for them upon their arrival.

2. Safety First

Here is a list of go-to items to have ready and waiting. Keep everyone safe but make it fun with personalized or festive masks. This will remove the awkwardness if someone forgets to bring their own. Another good idea is to provide mini sanitizing pouches as welcome gifts. You can conveniently place these in the guest room or on your entryway table. Remember to stay a safe distance from others when possible and if the weather permits, host outdoors. This allows for ample airflow and a nice change of scenery.

Safety during the Holidays
If the weather does not permit an outdoor gathering, consider these tips for an in-home socially distant gathering option. For a cozy and safe dining experience, set up two dining tables at least 6 feet apart. This will help keep everyone included and safe. Bring the crisp outdoor air in by opening a window with a screen. The fresh air will keep the circulation in the room fresh and prevent any stuffiness. If it is far too cold out, consider using an air purifier. Anything like this that will help with air quality control will help everyone stay in the holiday spirit in a careful manner. As the host, it is okay for you to ask your guests or family members to wear a mask except while dining. They know as well as you do that everyone is doing their best to keep themselves and everyone around them healthy. To help lighten the load of hosting order take out for you and your guests. If you are like us and you enjoying cooking, set up a buffet, and take turns getting your meals. Once everyone has settled, que that background music and open that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving, and enjoy connecting again.

Lastly, keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face. Be sure that everyone washes their hands before touching the serving utensils. If your guests see that you are dedicating time to make sure your hands are clean, they will follow suit and will make this activity second nature or a conscious habit if it is not already.

Guest Bedrooms

Consider what your guests will need during their stay, such as fresh linens and a private space to put their belongings. Your dwelling will be their safe space during their stay. Adding little touches will make them feel more accommodated and right at home. Make your visitor’s stay an enjoyable experience by having your home well-lit with plenty of open outlets for them to charge their mobile devices.

Don’t forget those thoughtful elements that will help to elevate the overall look and feel of your home. The feeling your guests will have as they mingle within your home should provide them a sense of safety and comfort. If you are able to hire a professional cleaning service, this is a huge plus. A deep clean will give your home a fresh new feel. Next, make sure your bathrooms are well equipped. Stock them with plenty of toilet paper, fresh towels, and tissues along with the festive touch of holiday soap. Make hosting a fun and easy for you by keeping your pantry fully stocked to allow you to indulge and celebrate more freely.

2020 Holidays

3. Show Must Go On

To bring a sense of normalcy to an unforgettable year, decorate as you usually do. Not all traditions require a change when something like COVID comes along. A good way to spread joy and cheer this holiday season is by safely volunteering or donating to your local charities and organizations. A fun activity for you and your family could be to bake your favorite recipes and play games with the little ones. Indulge in nostalgic moments that remind us how blessed we all are.

For example, host a movie night where everyone can tune in, wherever they are, and whatever they feel comfortable in—like those infamous matching pajamas. If gifts are your thing, send them to your loved ones in the in the mail and of course, don’t forget letters or those holiday cards. This is the perfect way to let your favorite people know that no matter the distance, you are thinking of them and they hold a special place in your heart.

4. Virtually Anywhere

Be with your loved ones from virtually anywhere. Keep everyone healthy and safe, by choosing a virtual option to gather that includes everyone. You can send your video conferencing links via email or text and share any itinerary details you’d like your guests to prepare ahead of time. It’s always fun to share recipes for food, drinks, or even cooking together LIVE can shrink the distance. Prizes like digital gift cards can be awarded to the best-looking dish or the most festive cocktail. Adding these little touches, along with other creative virtual party ideas, will help make this new tradition a hit.

Virtually Anywhere

We hope this comprehensive checklist of little reminders will help you plan and gather with your holiday visitors safely. There is no right or wrong way to do things this year because it’s 2020. Navigate your environment the best way you know, and the rest will take care of itself.

Have other ideas in mind? Share your tips with us on social media or send us a note. We’d love to hear your creative solutions for hosting a memorable and joyous holiday season!

Helpful Tips for Sound Control in the Home

Sound control in your home plays a particularly important role in comfort. Residential designers be it architects, interior designers, or builders are challenged to incorporate acoustics into their design solutions. Acoustic controls are considered a must in public, educational, and some commercial spaces. Have you ever wondered how museums are designed to be so quiet?  What about churches like Sagrada Familia in Barcelona designed by the great architect Gaudi? The sound control is amazing given there is marble on the floors, the columns, and parts of the ceilings.

What may be overlooked in residential design is sound and how it affects our emotional state.   It is an important part of holistic design. Sound flows through the windows, under the doors, through the vents, and through the walls. How do you want to control sound in your home?  Sound also bounces off the floors, walls, and ceilings and can make it difficult to understand conversations or even think.

In order to effectively control sound in your home, it is important to understand both sound reverberation and sound transmission, as well as ways to address each.

Acoustic Control

Sound reverberation occurs when sound bounces off surfaces. Open floor plans with hard surfaces create reverberations and makes it difficult to control noise levels.

What will help reduce reverberations? Here are 5 suggestions!

1. Carpeting or other soft flooring solutions such as LVT

Home Control

2. Drapery and other soft window treatments

Sound Control

3. Walls can also absorb sound

Home Sound Control

4. Ceiling heights in ratio with room size

House Sound Control

5. Ceiling treatments such as coffering

Home Sounds

Sound transmission occurs when sound moves between materials. Sound transmissions are more difficult to control with residential design, but there are measures that can be implemented to help reduce sound transmissions to an acceptable level. Below are 4 areas to assess when trying to mitigate sound transmission in the home.

  1. Sound controlled glass for windows and doors
  2. Underlayment used with wood floors and other types of hard surfaces
  3. Soundproofing walls and plumbing chases
  4. Door sweeps

Stay tuned into our blog for more helpful information on creating a healthy and happy home! Are you looking to improve your home’s overall wellness and functionality but don’t know where to begin? Give SDG a call. Our team would love to help!